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Welcome to the Capital of Normandy

Located less than two hours from Paris, Rouen and the Seine Valley are a haven of peace for locals and foreigners. With its many monuments, the tallest cathedral in France, its cultural heritage, its gastronomy and local products, its events and its central location, only Rouen could be the capital of Normandy! We can’t talk about Rouen without mentioning its symbolic figure Joan of Arc, who is given the place of honour in the city of a hundred Spires, with the History Museum among others.

During your trip to Normandy, it will be difficult to not give into temptation to visit the famous abbey of Mont Saint-Michel and its bay listed as UNESCO world heritage site, Honfleur and its port with impressionistic touches, Etretat and its white cliffs, the landing beaches, places for true remembrance, or indeed Deauville and its legendary boardwalks along the beach and colourful parasols. All these unmissable places can be found a few dozen kilometres from Rouen, the ideal central departure point for your stays in Normandy.

Link to Rouen Tourism Office: Live an adventure medieval and trendly in Rouen

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